Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration. Improve appearance and night visibility. Starting at $69.99

Starting at only $69.99

Cloudy Headlights? 

Headlight Restoration

Call us today to have your headlights restored to factory like condition. The three main causes of headlight discoloration are Surface Damage, UV Damage and Oxidation. With our process your headlights are restored while undergoing UV Treatment to give you long lasting results. Make your car safer to drive and more appealing with Headlight Restoration by Paintless Dent Doctor. 

Headlight Restoration:

1. Improves visibility at night

2. Increases resale value 

3. Improves the overall look of your vehicle 

4. Saves you hundreds versus replacement


 Headlight Restoration by Paintless Dent Doctor

Headlight Restoration by Paintless Dent Doctor


UV Treatment - Protects your restored headlights with the maximum UV protection available. Our process treats your headlights with a polymer sealant specifically designed to seal the pores of your headlights and protect them from water, pollution, and UV damage. Polymers fill in the microscopic grooves and pores of the plastic and prevents further damage.